Welcome to Lifestylebyana

Welcome  to Lifestylebyana

I have had blog websites before, for fun, but this time this website will be a little different then the last one. I have decided to make a new beginning in my online and offline life.

Here is a little bit of information about me 

Born in 1991, a little girl, named Anouschka ( turned to be 1.71m tall) was born in this world, without a clue what she would do with her life. After years of struggeling, she decided to cut down on her fulltime dayjob and started to follow her heart and chasing he dreams. Which resulted in this website, amongst other things.

Following her heart, means to do whatever she likes to do in life. Music, singing,acting,sport,helping people,being creative. All those things combined in Lifestyle by Ana. With main goals in Lifestyle, Entertainment and Sport. 

Follow her in this new life changing journey towards finding herself, and being someone in this world. 

What will you find on this website

Lifestyle blogs : Everything to do with  life, health and inner peace

Entertainment: my footsteps in the music & Entertainment industrie. mainly recording covers

Sport: My view on the sports world, and what kind of sports helps me and you 

Photography : another hobby of mine I would love to share with you 

I hope you will have a great time here on my website.
Please follow, leave a comment and don’t forget to search for me on Facebook & Instagram
Facebook : lifestylebyana
Instagram: ana_v.o
YouTube: anamusic offical 

Love to hear from you all !


For any business inquiries, please send your e-mail to: 



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