These days a ‘lifestyle blog’ mainly maintains a quick view about the newest and hottest sport and fashion spots, the best way to eat and the fastest way to loose some weight while shopping for the newest sunglasses and booking the hottest getaways.
At least, that’s my point of view when I open a random blog that says ‘lifestyle’.

When I started this blog many years ago, I did not know where to begin, so i just tried something, and failed over and over and over again. So this time I will try to have some other input, a more personal view, my view on the definition on ‘Lifestyle’

This time you will find more ‘me ‘on my site. Which is not very strange, because this site will mainly consist of me ,myself and  I . The stories I hear and see the travels I make, my hobbies and my dreams and goals. So basically ‘My Life ‘ which I will call from now on my ‘Lifestyle’

Come, take a look and enjoy the ride with me!