‘Rejections VS Mind’

The road to a new job 

‘There are so many jobs for you’
‘ You will get hired in a sec.’
‘ No worries, you will have a job in no time’

Those are the words I hear almost everyday. When it’s not from somebody other than me, it will come from my mind. Since  7 months I’m searching for a nice parttime job, a job that I like and not get bored off in a couple of weeks.  And a job that pays the bills.

In the last couple of weeks I have send over 35 E-mails to different companies, who are hiring. And yes, I did have a couple of interviews. But unfortunately the answer I got 35 times is ‘NO’. And not even a normal explanation anymore, just a simple E-mail with the line : ‘ We are very sorry, but we choose someone else,’

When you tell others, the people close to you, they first feel sorry for you.
In your mind, you already feel very sorry for yourself, because you know you deserve better. But on the other hand, the others are somehow right. There will be a better offer, and there will be something for you just around the corner. When the opportunity is there, you WILL know, as long it will take the right corner, the one you are waiting on 🙂

What does it to your mind? 

A heck of a lot! I can tell you that. And the worst part, it does NOT get any better when you get the next rejection, even though you know you would have been the  perfect match for this job.
When you are on this rollercoaser of rejection it’s very hard to get off.  Your mind will see the rejections as a way to tell you that you suck, and will accompany you to the down spiral of life. Then it is up to you if you will follow the spiral, of hopp off and at leats try to see something brighter in the rejections.

I know it is probably one of the most hardest things people have to do. Especially when you have your own hopes and dreams, and not waiting on the basic 9 to 5 office job, but you know you have to because those bills need to be paid for and you still have to feed you and your dog(s) or cat(s) or any human species?…

Tell me, are you experiencing something similair at this moment? Let me know, how you are fighting through!

~ Don’t get reality in the way of your hopes and dreams ~

Love to hear back from you !

XO Ana





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