Most people are good

Hi there,

When you record something you finally have to decide for yourself if you find it good enough to put it all out there in the open. The hardest part is to decide for yourself if it is good enough.

I have recorded this song ‘Most people are good’ a song by Country singer Luke Bryan,  a while ago and finally decided to share this with you.

When you are not a great singer or a very populair person, its hard to share these kind of things with the world. Not knowing if someone will listen to it or if they will like or hate it. For other people it is easy to say ‘just put it online, they will like it’. its never that easy.

But i have put on my dirty country boots and have put my recording attempt for this song online. Out in the open. YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

I hope you you will like it and let me know ( good or bad) what you think.



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