The day we got on our feet!

Last week my mum and I went to see the newest Musicalshow in the Netherlands. ‘On your feet’. The musical journey from latin music stars Gloria & Emilio Estefan. Thanks to my mum I literally grew up with their music.

We decided to make a whole fun mother-daughter day of it. Because, when you’re in Utrecht, you have to walk through the city , even if you don’t buy anything, which is probably the most exciting challenge.


Another important thing in life that cannot be forgotten! We found a lovely italien pizzaria where we ate one huge pizza including a delicious dessert.. like.. really delicious!!





I was blown away! What an amazing show! Great cast, great voices and great dancers.
I knew that the American Cast was amazing, because I already saw little sneak peeks of them online, but the Dutch cast is just as good, if not even better.
It was full with music, love,family,laughter and tears. I’m so glad my mum and I got to see this, and really experience it. The only thing you need is to have a sence for dancing and music and you’re on!
( if you have no idea who Gloria or Emilio are, then this is not for you 🙂 )

I could not resist myself to not share something special with you, so here is the official Dutch trailer of the Musical ‘On your feet’ it just got online this week.

If you are in The Netherlands anytime soon, or living there, or you just want to see the show, don’t miss out and get your tickets here: tickets on your feet NL

Till next time!

XO Ana





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