HELP! I can’t find my niche

                       Explanation needed


When you are thinking about starting your own blog, the first thing that pops up at your screen is the question: ‘What’s your nice’.  How will you stand out of all the other thousands of bloggers and get noticed?

I have been thinking about this question over and over again, and came to the conclusion thats I dont have a niche. I’m not particular good in anything. I am not a fashion geek or a make-up artist.

So why start this blog again? I failed the first time and the second time?!

Because I want to show the world its oke not to have a great talent, its oke to like all kinds of stuff and enjoy them.

I mean, I like : sports,music,movies,series,writing,photography,dancing,singing  and many many more. Now find your niche in that!

Everyone has their own goal in life, when you finally figured it out. It took me some time to convince myself of the fact that I am capable of doing the things I love most, to just do them and spend a lot of time and energy in them.

So to answer my first question ; What is your niche?


I like a lot of things, and i want to be able to write them down on my website, whenever i feel like it. When i want to write a small story, i will write it. When i want to post a clip of myself singing, i wil post it.

There you have the reason for my second blog name. Lifestyle Sport & Entertainment. Lifestyle, because i want to give the world a whole new view on life and lifestyle. Its not Always fashion and beauty. Its comes in many different forms.

Sport, because I love to do sport. incl MMA, Karate, Tennis, Pilates etc.etc… Just sports

Entertainment.. anything that has to do with Music, Movies ( or series) and Books.
I will be able to write about it. To caption the things I love. But also I want to caption my own steps into the entertainment industry. You never know what the future holds.

I want to show you, that you dont have to be afraid to be yourself. Do you have a goal/dream? Go for it. Don’t wait. Buy yourself a make-up kit, or a microphone or a camera and go play and have fun. And don’t forget to post it in the comments, cause I , my friend, are curious  what you are doing!

We will meet again soon!






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